How to apply


Here’s how to apply for a Traineeship with the help of  Training Institute of Australasia:

There are a number of criteria that need to be met in order to commence a traineeship but we make the process easy for you.

Just complete the following easy steps to get going:

  1. The employee registers his/her interest with the employer to undertake training on the job.
  2. Email with your request for information.
  3. A TIAWA representative will meet with you to discuss our training programs and benefits. We will also evaluate whether you are eligible for incentives and training costs will be charged in compliance with the VET FEES and Charges Policy 2021
  4. The prospective trainee and the employer sign up with an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network. (AASN). We will organise this on your behalf.
  5. The AASN will determine the eligibility for federal financial incentives ($1500, $3000, $4000) of the trainee for the course selected.
  6. If eligible, the AASN will inform the employer of financial incentives from a letter they will send out. TIAWA will be informed by Apprenticentre that the new trainee is registered and ready to undertake training.
  7. The employer and student / staff receive great quality training from Training Institute Australasia.
    If you, the employer, are paying payroll tax, then you may be eligible for an exemption for any staff undertaking training with Training Institute Australasia

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